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For preventing the loss of the effectiveness of nitroglycerin in relieving pain in people with chest pain due to coronary artery disease (angina pectoris): 700 mg four times daily.Transplant estimated function: a simple index to evaluate beta-cell secretion after islet transplantation.View abstract. Baris, N., Erdogan, M., Sezer, E., Saygili, F., Mert, Ozgonul A., Turgan, N., and Ersoz, B.Supplemental L-Citrulline has been touted to be an alternative to L-arginine due to it circumventing the poor absorption and then converting to L-arginine in the kidneys.The influence of arginine supplementation on performance and metabolism in athletes.Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow.L-Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid found in the diet.Takahashi, N., Ogino, K., Takemoto, K., Hamanishi, S., Wang, D. H., Takigawa, T., Shibamori, M., Ishiyama, H., and Fujikura, Y.

Settergren, M., Bohm, F., Malmstrom, R. E., Channon, K. M., and Pernow, J.Early research suggests that L-arginine might improve memory loss related to aging.

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There is some evidence that L-arginine is needed for the herpes virus to multiply.Molderings GJ, Haenisch B Agmatine (decarboxylated L-arginine): physiological role and therapeutic potential.Raasch W, et al Agmatine, the bacterial amine, is widely distributed in mammalian tissues.View abstract. Lubec, B., Hayn, M., Kitzmuller, E., Vierhapper, H., and Lubec, G.Shi HP, et al Supplemental L-arginine enhances wound healing in diabetic rats.Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of supplemental oral L-arginine in patients with heart failure.Leg pain associated with poor blood flow (peripheral arterial disease).L-arginine is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when taken appropriately by mouth, administered as a shot, or applied to the skin, short-term.Stress. Some early research suggests that taking a combination of L-lysine and L-arginine for up to 10 days reduces stress and anxiety in healthy people and those prone to stress.

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L-arginine is a popular supplement for athletes as it is touted to increase nitric oxide activity in the body.Some people apply L-arginine to the skin to speed wound healing and for increasing blood flow to cold hands and feet, especially in people with diabetes.Joshi MS, et al Receptor-mediated activation of nitric oxide synthesis by arginine in endothelial cells.Arginine supplementation prevents necrotizing enterocolitis in the premature infant.View abstract. Savoye, G., Jemaa, Y., Mosni, G., Savoye-Collet, C., Morcamp, P., Dechelotte, P., Bouin, M., Denis, P., and Ducrotte, P.View abstract. Tomi, M., Kitade, N., Hirose, S., Yokota, N., Akanuma, S., Tachikawa, M., and Hosoya, K.

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Stevens BR, et al High-intensity dynamic human muscle performance enhanced by a metabolic intervention.However, other evidence suggests that taking L-arginine, alone or together with antioxidants (Niteworks, Herbalife International, Inc), does not improve performance in male cyclists.Bommarius AS, Makryaleas K, Drauz K An enzymatic route to L-ornithine from L-arginine--activation and stabilization studies on L-arginase.However, applying a topical gel containing L-arginine five times daily for at least 12 weeks might heal anal fissures in people who do not respond to traditional care.Gianotti, L., Braga, M., Gentilini, O., Balzano, G., Zerbi, A., and Di, Carlo, V.

Early research suggests that L-arginine does not reduce altitude sickness.Marfella, R., Acampora, R., Verrazzo, G., Ziccardi, P., De, Rosa N., Giunta, R., and Giugliano, D.No significant influence on circulating cortisol concentrations.

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