Antihypertensives are a class of drugs that are used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).There are life-saving medicines people can take every day to help control their high blood pressure.Blood pressure information includes high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure (hypotension), causes, medications, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and.

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Traditional Chinese medicine is a large practice composed of many aspects.The drug of choice for hypertensive, pregnant women is one of the oldest high blood pressure medications on the market.House House X. Low Blood Pressure: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Medications that are prescribed to treat high blood pressure or fluid retention,.Hypotension is low blood pressure. much of a certain kind of asthma medication. Loss of appetite Low back pain Muscle pain Nausea Neck pain Nosebleed.Here is a high blood pressure medication list from the American.Along with a diuretic, some calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers may also be good choices.Potassium Loss From Blood Pressure Drugs May Explain. versus benefit of giving a certain high blood pressure medication to people. from low potassium. The.

Medications for high blood pressure do not disqualify you from.This website has been translated to Spanish from English, and is updated often.Some people have common problems like headaches, dizziness or an upset stomach.

The different kinds of blood pressure medicines are listed below.

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People who have liver or kidney problems should talk to their doctor about the specific risks of using any Calcium Channel Blocker.Two classes of drugs which should never be used during pregnancy include the ACE inhibitors and the angiotensin II receptor blockers.Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should talk to their doctor before using this drug.People who have kidney disease, liver disease, low blood volume, or low salt in their blood should talk to their doctor about the risks of taking these drugs.

It is important to take your blood pressure medicines every day.Do not stop taking your medicine until your doctor says that it is OK.People who eat healthy foods, exercise, and take their medicines every day can control their blood pressure.Most people who take high blood pressure medicines do not get any side effects.Blood Pressure, but Antidepressants Increase It...

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The Drugs Commonly Used to Treat Blood Pressure. it has been very helpful that using low doses of the hypertension drugs is as effective as using higher doses.Falls due to low blood pressure in older adults can lead to a broken.Make an appointment. For instance, when low blood pressure is caused by medications,.

Similarly, in patients prone to constipation (the elderly, for example) use of certain calcium channel blockers might best be avoided -- along with diuretics -- as both these classes of drugs can inhibit proper bowel function.

Read about the latest medical research on reducing high blood pressure,.It is useful along with other medications (such as hydrocortisone) for.Learn about low blood pressure (hypotension) symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, nausea, vomiting, and chest pain.Peripherally Acting Alpha-Adrenergic Blockers: What You Should Know.Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.