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Dietary and lifestyle recommendations that may help in the treatment of thick blood.In the event of thick blood, the following problems may exist.Last reviewed on RxList:. is a blood anticoagulant that inhibits the function of Vitamin K dependent. or flu symptoms.

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You may have thick blood. if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.Like with thick blood, it means your blood clots easily but you have no real.Your Guide to Using Them Safely. If there is too much blood thinner in your body,.

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Stephanie Crumley Hill is a childbirth educator who for more than 20 years has written professionally about pregnancy, family and a variety of health and medical topics.

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Blood Can Be Too Thin or Too Thick. Problems with blood thickness can occur from birth, or develop later in life.Anticoagulant medications are commonly called blood thinners.

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Thin blood vs thick blood, is one. compared to those with thinner blood.

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If you are taking anticoagulants, talk with your doctor before eating beef, pork or chicken liver, or products containing liver such as pate.Doctor insights on: Symptoms Of Blood Being Too Thick Share.Foods to Avoid When the Blood is Too Thin. by STEPHANIE CRUMLEY HILL Last Updated:.Another severe sign of thinning of the blood is if you begin to vomit blood.