Get the latest update on the Xarelto lawsuits and learn about the settlement value of these cases.With over 1200 Xarelto lawsuits filed, the Bellwether trial locations have been announced for the first 4 trials in the multi-district litigation (MDL) case.

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Free Consultation - Learn more about Xarelto bleeding lawsuits and get new information on your options for bringing a claim.The opinions and views expressed on our website do not always coincide with those of our company.The federal jury decided in favor of the pharmaceutical companies during the first test trial against the plaintiffs of Louisiana.Packard was prescribed Xarelto for atrial fibrillation and used the anticoagulant for jus six months before suffering a fatal stroke.Xarelto Trials Consolidated (MDL Number 2592) The number of federal cases filed kept steadily growing year after year.

The JPML ruled that all Xarelto lawsuits filed in federal courts will be joined together under multidistrict litigation in Louisiana.Were you injured by a defective medical device, product or medication.We are here to help you know your rights and find the best Xarelto lawyers for Xarelto class action cases.

Get the latest on at least 34 Eliquis lawsuits in U.S. District Court.Timeline of Xarelto litigation events, fda filings and general medical news for family and patients of the anticoagulant.Contact a Philadelphia class action attorney for more information on.This next-generation anticoagulant received FDA approval in 2011 and was widely considered as an effective alternative to Coumadin (warfarin), which was previously the leading medication used to prevent blood clots and strokes by patients with atrial fibrillation.Our attorneys are investigating claims that blood thinners like Eliquis, Pradaxa and Xarelto cause bleeding that may lead to hospitalization or death.In the case against Xarelto, the statute of limitations depends on the state the patient who used the medication resides.Xarelto is a prescription drug used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation, not caused by a heart valve problem.

The MDL process is designed to avoid conflicting pretrial rulings, avoid duplicate discovery and help each side conserve resources.

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Xarelto Lawsuit Filings Continue to Rise, says Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding.

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This blood thinner is used to prevent blood clots and strokes in people who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), Pulmonary Embolism (PE), and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).The first bellwether trial (Boudreaux) began on April 24, 2017, in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

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There are currently more than 15,611 cases consolidated in federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) before Judge Eldon E.

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The complaint includes claims for Canadian residents who have suffered uncontrollable bleeding incidents that were allegedly caused by the anticoagulant.

Thomas Dunkley was the first Xarelto victim who died after suffering from a severe bleeding to the brain.Xarelto, Calgary Sun, Class Action Lawsuit Against Bayer Alleges Negligence Over Xarelto Anticoagulant Drug.Three more lawsuits are supposed to take place to decide the outcome.

Even a small shift in those biological activities that flush medications out of our systems may lead to a potentially harmful (or even lethal) overdose.Learn more about Xarelto lawsuits, drug injuries, product liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other legal matters at

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Visitors to the site should not act upon information here without first seeking professional counsel.Ruth McGowan, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of her deceased father, claims that after using the medication for a month to prevent a risk of stroke, Mr.Pradaxa lawsuits have resulted in millions in dollars in compensation for causing excessive bleeding.

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Telling the public that no regular blood test monitoring is needed may expose them to unnecessary dangers.

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About Drug Reporter provides up to date information on lawsuits involving dangerous drugs that affect consumers throughout the country.More Than 850 Lawsuits Filed Over Taxotere, Alleging a Link Between Cancer Drug and Hair Loss menu.Dangerous Nexium and Prevacid Side Effects Concealed by Drug Maker, Idaho Man Claims.

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